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My name is Beth Wittenberg. I am a contemporary artist and storyteller.
I use text, imagery, signs, symbols, and a cast of characters to tell my stories.
Sometimes I paint, sometimes I make sculptures, but I am always working with a wide variety of materials.

My stories are sometimes enigmatic. Sometimes meanings are obscured.
Some pieces are bright and bouncing while others are dark and angry.
Contemporary American politics and my gut instinct about what is just plays a significant role in much of my art.

I typically work in series. I work with concepts that are not known at the time of their inception. I often say I begin with nothing.

In the course of creating I slow my mind down and focus my attention to my hand, my breath, the motion, the sound of the pen on paper, the spray paint exploding from the a can, the long globs of oil paint being smeared by a brush around a large canvas.

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