Artist Statement - Maryland


In the spring and summer of 2018 I spent time away from my home in New Hampshire. A family emergency brought me to Frederick Maryland. I spent 6 weeks at the Griffin Art Center in Frederick, Maryland making art. I worked under colleague and friend, artist Tony Mel, and painted in his studio. I created a body of work on large canvases exploring existential questions of life and death. This work concerns itself the my experiences as an artist in an unfamiliar space dealing with heavy emotional, sentimental ideas. I left my life in rural New Hampshire and was transplanted to the Washington, DC area. I walked 7 blocks to my studio and 7 blocks back to my residence, 3 times a day. I was invigorated living and working in a city. I spent my early mornings, before I went into the studio on 2 hour walks photographing the city. My days involved caring for my ailing, aging parents and painting. I was able to paint in a large, rather empty space and the paintings were a way to process my feelings about dying and my fragmented family fractured by the inevitable death of my parents.

Artist Statement - Monhegan Island, Maine


While I was at The Griffin Art Center in Frederick, Maryland earlier in the year, I met the owner of Gallery East. The gallery had invited me to participate in an exhibition the year before. After my 6 week residency in Maryland, Kristen Morrison, the owner of Gallery East invited me for a residency on Monhegan Island, Maine. The island is inhabited by 66 residents year round, there was no transportation on the island,  It was an hour ferry ride from Port Clyde, Maine. I was accompanied by American artist Andy Heck Boyd. We lived, worked, and slept in the Carina House, a historic house with a rich artistic history. I was there for 3 days and created 16 paintings. We had a very bare bones existence while on the island. We had to carry in all our food, and carry out all our waste. I continued working with the ideas of being fragmented, feeling like I was in an existential vacuum, while thinking about my family and processing feelings around my own mortality.

The art I created in these residencies are interrelated and I used them as a springboard for yet another series of small oil paintings, that series is called Fragments.

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