2014 – 2015

Artist Statement

When creating a drawing, I have no preconceived notions or ideas.  I approach my materials without forethought, with an open mind.  All the marks and words are raw.  I do not censor myself.

Each of the elements in this series of over 200+, BEASTS, BUILDINGS, & STORMS have multiple meanings and identities, but in their most basic forms, they act as representations of worlds, beings, and states both real and imagined.Beasts are symbolic humans cast as dark shadow archetypes with beastly natures.Buildings are the places we live, worship, and congregate. Inhabited by Holy Entities, rather than Beasts, Buildings serve to protect us from outside elements and threats.Storms act as both noun and verb.  They are about emotional turmoil and psychological distress.

The images in BEASTS, BUILDINGS, & STORMS can be viewed individually, but are conceived as a large, integrated grouping.  They are parts of a mosaic or a mural by our ancestors, left behind like cave drawings for modern humans to make sense of.

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