2013 – Present

I have been creating my whimzees for 30 years.There are so many ways I like to express myself. Sometimes I use spray paint, other times I draw or paint, and sometimes I like to sew.

They are great fun to create – they are menacing and playful at the same time. Each one is created by snipping and sewing together scraps of felt using color and pattern to create a unique magical enchantment. The whimzees are tricksters, each has their own personality. They absolutely come alive when they are stuffed.

They are all one of a kind, hand stitched, original works of art that I spend hours on. One piece takes anywhere from 6 – 18 hours to complete. Each one is created in one sitting.

I invite the viewer to come down, let your imagination run wild, and see for yourself who these whimzees are. Keep one eye open at all times, they are tricksters.

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