Modern humans have completely forgotten about the essentials of their own heart and the necessity to elevate the mind’s function, so as to have a more acute sense of rationality and positivism to attain absolute and indisputable standards (consequently feeding into the idea that economic and technological progress is only dependent on the “mind.”) Humanity is clearly disoriented by this persistent imbalance, so it is experiencing a profound existential crisis characterized by the total absence of emotion and poetry. The Radical Joking Expressionism Movement is acutely aware of this imbalance and suggests the innocent ‘wisdom’ of the playing child as a practice, to restore this lost equilibrium. Radical Joking Expressionism, therefore, enters the world of Art as one of the most suitable answers in this historical moment and offers a radical, scandalous and provocative painting style implying that too much rationality can lead to a sad and dreary existence.

Giancarlo Petrini
Trui Bernaert
18th September 2018

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